The Hindi language, known for its rich vocabulary and diverse sounds, encompasses a variety of vowels that add depth and complexity to words. One such vowel is the ‘U Ki Matra’, which is denoted by the symbol ‘उ’ when written in Hindi script. This vowel sound is akin to the ‘oo’ sound in the English word ‘zoo’. In this article, we will explore words in Hindi that contain the ‘U Ki Matra’, their meanings, and how they are used in sentences.

Understanding ‘U Ki Matra’

The ‘U Ki Matra’ is one of the essential vowels in the Hindi language and plays a crucial role in forming words across various categories, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives. When the ‘U Ki Matra’ is added to a consonant in Hindi script, it changes the pronunciation of the consonant and creates a distinct ‘oo’ sound at the end of the syllable.

Let’s delve into some common words in Hindi that contain the ‘U Ki Matra’:


  1. उड़ान (Udaan) – Meaning “flight” or “soar,” this word is often used in the context of airplanes or birds taking off.
  2. उपहार (Upahaar) – Translating to “gift” or “present,” this word signifies something given voluntarily without the expectation of payment.


  1. पढ़ना (Padhna) – A common Hindi verb that means “to read,” emphasizing the action of learning or perusing written material.
  2. खुशी (Khushi) – Although a noun meaning “happiness,” this word exemplifies the use of the ‘U Ki Matra’ in a verb form, indicating a state of joy or contentment.


  1. सुंदर (Sundar) – Used to describe something as “beautiful” or “attractive,” this adjective often enhances the visual appeal of objects or individuals.
  2. उचित (Uchit) – Signifying “appropriate” or “suitable,” this adjective conveys the idea of correctness or alignment with ethical standards.

Sentences Using ‘U Ki Matra’ Words

  • राष्ट्रपति की उड़ान ने लोगों में उमंग भर दी।
    (Rashtrapati ki udaan ne logon mein umang bhar di.)
    Translation: “The President’s flight filled people with excitement.”

  • मेरे जन्मदिन पर दोस्त ने मुझे उपहार दिया।
    (Mere janmadin par dost ne mujhe upahaar diya.)
    Translation: “My friend gave me a gift on my birthday.”

Common Phrases with ‘U Ki Matra’

  • उचित वेशभूषा पहनकर वह सभी को प्रभावित कर गई।
    (Uchit veshbhusha pahankar vah sabhi ko prabhavit kar gayi.)
    Translation: “By wearing appropriate attire, she impressed everyone.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: How do I pronounce words with the ‘U Ki Matra’ correctly?
    A: To pronounce words with the ‘U Ki Matra’ accurately, emphasize the ‘oo’ sound at the end of the syllable.

  2. Q: Are there any rules for when to use the ‘U Ki Matra’ in Hindi words?
    A: The ‘U Ki Matra’ is added to consonants to give them the ‘oo’ sound; however, it is essential to learn individual words to understand their specific pronunciation.

  3. Q: Can you provide examples of complex words with the ‘U Ki Matra’ in Hindi?
    A: Certainly! Words like प्रभावित (Prabhavit) meaning “impressed” and सुविधा (Suvidha) indicating “convenience” exhibit the complexity of the ‘U Ki Matra’.

  4. Q: How can I practice using words with the ‘U Ki Matra’ in sentences?
    A: Try constructing simple sentences using words like खुशी (Khushi) or सुविधा (Suvidha) to enhance your proficiency in using these words in context.

  5. Q: Are there any resources available for further learning on Hindi vowels like the ‘U Ki Matra’?
    A: Yes, there are numerous online guides, tutorials, and language learning apps that can aid in mastering Hindi vowels, including the ‘U Ki Matra’.

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