Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels depend on maximum sunlight to produce the most energy. However, they are vulnerable to bird droppings and collect a lot of dirt and dust that rainwater cannot clean. Solar panels will be less effective and unable to produce the energy they are projected to. Professional solar panel cleaning is a great way to maintain and protect solar panels. Panels that are not maintained and cleaned regularly will not perform at their best.

The digital age has seen a rise in solar panel production and use, with constant updates to cleaning and maintenance methods.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services: Benefits

Solar panels installed on commercial and residential properties can benefit from a regular, thorough cleaning by professionals who specialize in their maintenance. Here are a few reasons to consider professional cleaning for your solar panels:

Gifts From Above: It might seem that a clean car windshield attracts birds, but solar panels high up in the air make an even more perfect target. Accumulation of bird droppings creates an unsightly mess and reduces energy production. The more bird droppings accumulate on your solar panels, the less efficient they become.

Dirty and Dusty: Certain areas and climates are more susceptible to dust and dirt buildup on solar panels. If solar panels are not regularly cleaned of natural debris, their performance will decline, negatively impacting efficiency and energy savings.

Warranty Compliance: Proper maintenance and cleaning are often required to keep your solar panel warranty valid. Failing to provide proof of regular professional cleaning could void your warranty.

Energy Efficiency: The primary reason for installing solar panels on residential and commercial properties is to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. If the panels are not regularly maintained and cleaned by professionals, the savings will decrease exponentially. Regular and thorough cleaning can improve performance by up to 25% compared to panels that are not cleaned.

Rain Won’t Make Dirt Disappear: You may think that heavy rain will be enough to remove dirt from your solar panels and keep them working properly. However, rain combines with dirt and dust, which will not wash off without professional cleaning services, no matter how much or how often it rains.

Increases Solar Panel Life: The more care you take with your panels, the longer they will last. Regular cleaning and maintenance by industry experts will extend the life of your solar panels.

Solar Service Offers Affordable Commercial, Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Contact us today to learn more about the available services for cleaning solar panels for both residential and commercial use.

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