Elearning development is one of the career paths with a lot of growth potential. An Elearning developer usually has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and training in programming languages such as C++, Java, PHP, or Python. Some developers may have degrees in areas such as game design and software engineering. After the usual degree programs, eLearning developers generally work for a company such as IBM, Oracle, or Adobe and assist with developing web applications that run the website. They may also create applications for iPad and other handheld devices.

In 2016, U.S. News & World Report ranked eLearning development 15th in the field of Computer Science out of 29. The median pay is $52,000 per year. Also, according to JobsDB (2015), eLearning developer jobs are expected to rise 5% by 2020 in terms of job openings and 2% in paychecks if you stay with your current employer during this period of time.

TOP Reasons for e-Learning Software Development services

  1. More and more companies are trusting their eLearning needs towards the technology of eLearning development.
  1. E-Learning developers are being hired as freelance workers and skilled professionals in this field “selling course”, thanks to the growth of the eLearning industry. This is a boon for those interested in taking up this profession as there is good scope for employment bookings across different types of companies.
  1. The development of e-learning systems has always been a tricky job for programmers who have to effectively use software applications that are specially designed to handle such tasks. E-Learning development is one such software that has been designed to help programmers create interactive e-learning systems.
  1. Students who sign up for an e-Learning course will be able to access their course material and lessons through the internet, which can be accessed from any area with a stable internet connection. This new method of education is being adopted by many colleges in order to cut down on the cost of travel and other related expenses that are typically involved in studying at a physical campus.
  1. With the help of e-learning programs, it is possible to take classes from a distance; this includes both undergraduate and postgraduate study levels. Some universities are even offering their entire range of courses online.
  1. Students are provided with a unique username and password to access the program that is offered by the university; this is a major advantage over previous methods of education, as it allows students to take classes at their own pace.

7. E-learning software can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection,          making it accessible via tablets, PCs, laptops, and smartphones alike.

8. One of the primary reasons that distance learning programs are so popular nowadays is because they are very cost-effective when compared to studying in person at a physical campus.

  1. E-learning software is designed in such a way that it can be accessed at any time, which means that students are not bound by their class schedule to study the material; they can take their lessons at their own pace and along with their lifestyle.
  1. eLearning development services is a very lucrative career option for anyone with the right skills, as there is a great demand for experienced professionals when it comes to this field. The internet has revolutionized how people learn, making it possible for them to access all kinds of educational material over the web. What was once considered as an alternative form of education is now becoming mainstream, which means that demand for trained workers will continue to increase in years to come.

What is the e-learning development process?

At its core, e-learning development is about delivering instructional content through Internet delivery platforms. The process involves developing content and programming the content to be delivered to learners by a variety of methods. The use of e-learning has become prevalent with the advent of high-speed internet connections, which have made it possible for businesses to deliver course selling and other important information over the internet.

Developers are responsible for creating the software programs that are used in delivering the e-learning content to learners. The software used for this purpose includes server-side scripts, interactive learning objects (such as videos), and authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline.



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