Hello All.Welcome to custom neon. We are the World’s No. 1 Smart Neon Company situated in India. Here we are introducing beyond neon 2.0-

Our Wifi Nonracial Smart neon permits you to switch on or off your beyond neon from your smartphone device. Adjust the brightness with your smartphone according to your mood, with beyond neon 2.0, you can create your beyond neon flash to your favorite song with beyond neon 2.0. Our each neon signs are designed to get excellence with high-quality neon LED neon and connection which you may simply plug in a 3-pin channel.

Kindly visit our website to see the costs and sizes of the crafts that we have already created. So How Does It Work? Well Once you are pleased with the complete artwork, we start the production. And We take Almost 7-8 working days in production after the craft is approved.


Let’s brighten your life with quality LED neon signs for your house, company, business, events, weddings, and more. Take a company logo, music lyrics, a person’s name, or even the size of your pets, and same like this We are supporting in creating art attainable with easy-to-craft, fashionable neon lights. Now there is no justification, not even to raise the lighting


It is famous in the 20th century, neon light signs are creating a serious revival, All thanks to a new, secured, more energy-effective, and reasonable material, LED neon flex. While high-quality neon signs used glass neon tubes, modern neon is permitting an upcoming generation to better enjoy a vintage neon experience with a huge variety of choices while pricing outstandingly less.

All Thanks to the reasonability, power effectiveness, strength, and security of neon LED products, you may now purchase neon LED signs and wall decorative items for a large range of customers. Attach an excellent augmentation to your marriage ceremony, make a neon word sign for your living room or bedroom and house decor, find a custom-made name sign for the kid’s room, attach an outstanding touch with, a neon sculpture, neon bar signs, or find out a personalized neon sign for just about any reason.


Our signs, lamps, lights, and artwork are hand-designed from real designs. If you need a custom neon sign, LED bar lights, custom neon word sign, neon sculpture, or something completely extraordinary we may create it for you.

We have crafted a huge variety of personalized neon light signs for marriage ceremony decoration, events, and birthday parties. If you want any gift ideas then A custom neon sign is a magnificent gift. Craft your own customized neon name signs for the house bar or warehouse. How about a wall art neon sign for the living room or bedroom, or man gallery? Take your choice of our sectional neon lamps.


Businesses or companies are searching that modern neon flex supplements that may be used for more than just neon accessible signs. Hipster neon word brightens feature in co-working premises, neon wall artwork embellishes bars, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and diners, neon brightens the signs that display in barbershops and beauty salons, neon quote signs are searched in nightclubs and yoga workshops.

Pop-ups, Food trucks, boutiques, entrepreneurial businesses, and hair salons that serve the Instagram generation and use of neon brighten signs to the beautiful visual effect. Do you need to get people talking about your company or business? So Get Lit With Custom Neon Lights. Just browse the store for our most famous aesthetic sculptures, neon art, table lamps, and word signs. Our neon name signs may be customized for kids’ rooms and marriage parties. Or choose your own path and make something really fantastic with a personalized and cool neon sign for your house, company, or business. Just tell us your thoughts and we will brighten it up.

Our personalized signs are created from high-quality LED flex, executing them with more price-efficient, long-lasting, and secure than real glass neon signs while still giving an excellent visual effect. Check here to look for how does our process work, custom-made choices or options, and delivery times.


Custom Designed

All of our neon light signs are personally designed, crafted, and handmade.

Energy & Cost Efficient

It is made of very low energy utilization, 50,000+ hour durability, no noise, heat, or pollution.


It is the Latest neon flex technology which is powerful and brighter than glass neon tubes.

Easy To Install

Our high-quality patronage feature pre-drilled holes for simple and easy pull-out & ornaments

NO COD Product.

These Custom-made NEON Lights are processed only after your order. We don’t take COD Orders (cash on delivery orders) for this product. Once the order is placed, the picture is just for display purposes, the real color will differ and the size will be according to the Acrylic Back Panel and preference of Font.

  • If you want to create CUSTOM SIZE and FONT, kindly consult with us by pressing the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right of the page or click here
  • Personalized Neon Lights take almost 7 to14 days to create + transit time.
  • Does any Artwork or image require to create in Neon? No worries, send the picture on WhatsApp and we will help you out furthermore.

Design– This LED Neon sign is 3D art that lights up and converts the place around it. Use it to spice up a living room, furnish a kitchen, or create a fashionable bar or favorite game room. It’s good to add personality to the living room, bathroom, home office, desk, window, and balcony. The beautiful and latest craft is also an optional solution for your children’s bedroom that they will like the most.

Application– It’s outstanding for house décoration, storefront design, wall art & party decorations, etc. It also adds something special to the environment for some programs like birthday parties, Valentine’s day, Christmas, dinner parties, proposals, performances, weddings ceremonies, or any party. 

Giftable- This is the best giftable item for your family, friends, girlfriends, coworkers, colleagues, teenagers, teenagers, and will create an outstanding house party gift, reception, or birthday present.


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