Jordu Schell creates film magic with his incredible sculpture work. Known for his work on “Avatar,” “300,” “Men in Black,”Galaxy Quest” and “Hellboy,” just to name a few. If you wish to republish an article, we ask that you credit the Stanford University Press blog as the original publisher of the material and provide a link to the source post somewhere alongside the republished content. The plot of the film follows the tested formula of primitivist transformation. It’s a structure that underlies other blockbusters likeDances with Wolves, its sci-fi equivalents, and numerous journey-into-the-interior classics .

Jordu Schell makes monsters; icky, scary, grotesque and hairy, monsters, aliens, creatures and beasties of all manner and configuration. A 1,000-year-old skull of a Philistine woman excavated in Israel reveals how pre-industrial people did not suffer from crooked teeth to the same extent we do today. To learn more about Jordu and his impressive body of work, check out, and for daily creature features, follow him on Instagram. It is a real community with a real desire to learn, to grow, to learn new things, and to help out in other ways. I think this community is going to go a long way towards creating better ways of communicating with each other, and I think this is an exciting time for all of us. It isn’t a bad thing that we are all interested in computers, because we are all interested in computers.

If you like fun scary monsters, beautifully done with great attention to surface texture and color, as well as nicely imaginative sketches of wildly bizarre monster concepts, Schell’s work should keep you happily knee deep in monsters for hours. Like many sculptors, Schell also works in two dimensions, drawing sketches both as preliminaries for sculptures and as an end in themselves. His does dayquil keep you awake Monster of the Day seems to be primarily for his own amusement. “I tell everyone I meet that Jordu Schell is the finest sculptor, painter, and designer I’ve met.” When I’m not tracking down monstrous imagery to share here I’m usually creating my own strange art seen at I’m available for commissions, album art and more, contact me at evilenergy at for details.

Did you know that the conical hat that witches have and the big brim was from The Wizard of Oz? That was a design that a costume designer came up with and it became such canon. I mean, there were different kinds of hats the witches wore, but not quite like that with the tall, pointed thing and the green face and the long hooked nose. That became canon for what witches look like now because it’s so ingrained in our culture.

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