kwalu furniture is a new furniture design studio and furniture manufacturer located in San Diego. We’re always looking for creative ways to grow our operation and our company, which is based in San Diego, CA. kwalu has amazing designs that we’re excited to introduce to you. We believe the most amazing piece of furniture should be made in the USA. kwalu is dedicated to the quality of the products we custom order from the plants in California, so we can hand craft them with the utmost care and attention. Our passion for sustainable living calls us to carefully consider seasonal weather patterns, lighting changes, and manufacturer’s management of our operations; you’ll notice kwalu feels more like a family run business than company.

Please welcome kwalu furniture. A manufacturer of furniture that specializes in bold, clever design, kwalu was born from the ashes of an old and broken business that sold wooden furniture. The business was a financial disaster, while the only thing left was the name. So they decided to build something more original and interesting than just using the name. They wanted to really stand out on their own and thought it would be fun to try something new, so they incorporated two designers who were looking to improve their presence in Kowloon city. Now they are high-flying kwalu furniture with a passion for modern living. The furniture is made using soft fabrics and natural materials like bamboo, velvet, etc.


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