During a mission titled ‘I’ll Save Some for You,’ Deacon has to clear out the Old Sawmill Horde, which is the biggest horde Days Gone has to offer. Despite it being the hardest horde in Days Gone, one way to approach clearing it out is through stealth. It might seem like you’ve lost it when the mission ends, but you’ll get it again as one of the rewards and it will definitely come in handy so try to upgrade it when you can. It’s a software utility designed to clean up after a failed software installation is ____. a semi-automatic with a very large clip and no reloading between shots which means you can even use it when you’re in the middle of heavy combat. Talon 7 sounds more like an organization than a firearm, but this sniper has a bird-related name because this thing can dismantle from the skies. It has a rather steep point of entry when it comes to its price, but the accuracy and range it delivers are rarely achieved in Days Gone.

This is fun to watch at first, but the process eventually becomes a boring and tedious one. While the game does a good job of showing players the basics about upgrading their gear or looting abandoned houses, it doesn’t teach them everything. This makes it easy to miss some crucial things that can make the gameplay smoother or add to the title’s compelling narrative. Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game released for the PlayStation 4 on April 26. Developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Days Gone sees players take on zombies in third-person action spanning across a wide open-world environment.

This Days Gone Hidden Weapon is actually known as the IPCA Stun Gun and it is a reference to Siphon Filter, the PS1 video game developed by Bend Studio. After you find all IPCA Collectibles and finish the game’s story, make sure you address the missions you have left. The second IPCA is found at one of the Highway 97 Research Sites. On our map, you can notice that’s on a small island which can be reached by performing two bike jumps. Get back on the open road and mop up those lingering side missions; shortly Deacon will be interrupted by a familiar voice over the radio and a rendezvous will be requested. You’re not walking into a fight, but you’ll still feel the gut-punch for what unfolds.

Head to the Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp fast travel point (if you’ve cleared it out) and then take the road away. Look for a tree trunk stretched between two rocky hills on either side of the road and then look for a ramp on the higher side to jump over, to where a NERO chopper is, on your bike. The IPCA tech is in a tented, covered area above the helicopter.

This can take you throughout most of the difficult situations in the game. Chicago chopper imo, I like the gun appearance as well. I’d say that IDF PUP is the better choice for overall use, but the Chopper is better when dealing with huge hordes. It’s a primary weapon that can keep Deacon St. John alive as long as he has the ammo for it. To craft the IPCA Stun Gun in , you’ll need to collect 18 pieces of IPCA Tech. This is tricky to do, but all can be found on the bodies of white-suited Nero researchers near Checkpoints.